None of this should have surprised me.

I was granted even more access to my abuser’s criminal history while he lived down here, and apparently he was formally evicted from at least four apartments while living down here. Although he’s made it clear that he’s “not going to return”, and our home state has made it just as clear that they do not want him to return, the fact that four separate landlords had to take him to court to evict him from their premises for non-payment of rent is… something, alright. (I’d also like to take the time to point out that his now-former stepfather did want to help him out, and did want to get him help that he desperately needed, but that he was repeatedly burned in the process and so made the decision that nearly anyone else would have: to cut him out of his life, especially when this burning began to cost him sums of money that were not affordable.)

Anyway, getting back to what I intended on writing about here in the first place…

The most amusing one had to have been the eviction that resulted because of him no longer paying rent (which his new girlfriend did not know), which also came about as a result of him having to do time in the county jail waiting to come back up on the docket to be placed on probation for assaulting me because he bail jumped the first attempt to place him on probation. As a result of that, he lost his job. His girlfriend, whose bus ticket he paid for after having met her on a phone sex line in the months following my son and I moving out of his residence, did not have a job and had no way to continue to pay the rent on the place that they briefly shared… or even arrange for their possessions to be put into storage, because when he was arrested, he had no money. She tried to beg their landlord to let her continue to stay there in spite of the fact that she could not arrange to have their items moved or continue to pay rent on the place, and she was told that if she continued to loiter on the premises after they had been formally evicted that criminal trespass charges would be filed against her. True to word, once the eviction was completed — at which point he was still incarcerated, waiting to come back in front of the judge to actually be placed on probation like he should have been several months ago — all of their possessions were placed at the curb because she could not arrange for them to be moved elsewhere, and they lost everything that they had of value that could not be carried around with them in things like backpacks. So when he was finally released from county jail, he learned that they were homeless, and that all of their possessions that had been worth anything had been picked up by the trash agency. He spent nearly the rest of the year homeless because of these evictions (and then, at the time, it being on his record that he was on probation for assault… which eventually turned into a conviction on the offense when he got probation revoked), and she had a friend buy her a bus ticket that she used to leave him for at least the next several months, finding shared homelessness with him inconvenient.

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