This entire day has been one giant headache.

There was a change to the manual that has rules and regulations for several of the means-tested government benefits in this state, and no one working for the state has been able to give me any sort of clarification about that — almost all of them didn’t even know that this change had been made to the benefits manual, and all of them conceded that they had no idea how one would even go about doing what it requested (claiming that all home-schooling parents in Texas have to be “state-certified” when there is no law stating that one has to be, nor is there even a path to obtain whatever… certifications this is alluding to or referencing). All I know is that if I have to fight for benefits that we are eligible for, or if I am even so much as briefly denied those benefits, this gives me standing to sue, and I fully do intend on contacting Legal Aid when this happens. I’ve had to contact them before when the state has violated benefit law in the past, although those incidents only escalated so far as the child support office finding out that I had made contact with them with the intent to litigate before the corrupt “chief ombudsman” Stephanie Neely stood down and placed the good cause waiver back on my youngest son’s case. I do love continuing to make her searchable!

I hope that this gets fixed soon though because I really don’t want to have to contact Legal Aid again.

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