I shouldn’t have been surprised at any of this.

In spite of both of my children’s cases having approved good cause waivers on them exempting them from enforcement so that we can safely receive state benefits, they have once again been referred by the HHSC (Health and Human Services Commission) to the child support office, which is not legal. I have filed a second complaint, will be conversing with the child support office tomorrow morning again over this — didn’t I do this at around the same time last year? — and will consider contacting Legal Aid over this for what might actually be the third time now if enforcement efforts on both cases are not promptly stopped. I also filed another complaint over ambiguous, confusing wording in the state manual as it relates to homeschooling and having that serve as a work exemption, because no such state certification exists in Texas as is now purportedly required by the state benefit handbook. And just like I mentioned when I wrote about this for the first time, everyone was as confused as I was when I sought clarification on it. Everyone seems to get as confused as I am about these child support cases illegally being re-opened for enforcement when they should not be, but it’s my job to make them do their jobs, safely and legally allow us to access benefits and to continue to access benefits, and to keep us safe. If that inconveniences some people, well then so be it.

As has been said with more and more frequency now, let the bridges that I burn light my way, as they will.

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