White supremacists in my state are unhinged.

Someone began to lose it at me leaving comments on my governor’s Facebook page, claiming that you “can be racist against white people” when this is historically not possible due to the power that white people have held over decades. They also began screaming at me when they found out that I’m just not that attracted to white men, making it increasingly clearer with each comment they left how racist they are and how unhinged they are. Sadly, this is a common enough occurrence when attempting to participate in any political discourse regarding my state. We have a lot of gang members (over 100,000 at last “census”, and this isn’t frequently studied because elected officials would just as soon pretend that this has never been a problem than actually deal with it), and we have a lot of racists as well as white supremacists. Most of the Republicans in this state are actually white supremacists, even though elected officials would try as hard as they could to prevent people from talking about that if they think they can pick up enough minority votes to win an election. One day, I’d like to leave this state, costly as that might become… but I think we will all be the better for it. I won’t have to worry about politicians aggressively attempting to legislate a religion into law that I don’t agree with and will not raise my children to abide by, and we’ll be exposed to a lot less racism in just about every other state. Of those states, I like some of them more than others, but… come on.

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