This is what I got for my European heritage!

I wish I had the foresight to make the screenshots the same size when I took them, but one of the few pitfalls about the Genomelink site is the ease at which these were… not, to screenshot. However, at least my blog lets me shrink them down to size to make posting about them easier… I’m thankful for that. (And this gives me another chance to play the game of “laugh at the British heritage that I have little to none of, because I am primarily Scandinavian and that is very likely Scottish and Welsh heritage lumped into the British percentile. Multiple other tests that I have done have not picked up detectable British DNA, and of all things, GEDmatch did not pick up British DNA in my ancestry. I could write a completely separate post on “the British thing” that some ancestry apps and websites… do, but I have other posts that I want to write when my migraines consistently recede even just a bit, so I will get to that in due time. All in due time, my friends.)

These posts will be fun to come back to and make when my migraines are even a bit more under control!

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