I mean, I should have expected this at some point.

I found out that the urgent care clinic that I had been going to for a decade… no longer takes my insurance.

So there’s that.

Strangely enough, I am feeling better, but I did make several calls in the interim to try and figure out where I would go if I needed to go to urgent care, or where I would take the kids. Right now, we have the same insurance, just… different kinds if that makes sense. The good thing is that more urgent care facilities in this area take the kids’ insurance than do mine. I’m glad for that. The bad thing, of course, probably doesn’t need to be spelled out here — not as many facilities take my insurance. I’m sure that I’ll find a facility that does, though, even if I have to commute to one of the smaller satellite cities around this city. I might just call my insurance themselves and explain this situation to them though, as they have generally been extremely helpful making sure that I have and retain access to services in the past. Right now all my pain management clinic has been having to do is to fight my insurance to get approval on an MRI (or, failing that, some kind of scan) on my neck and shoulders to ensure that I am not developing arthritis, osteopenia or osteoporosis — this is something that I am at risk for due to necessary oral steroid use and me simply being me. I’d rather know about it now if that actually is the case (even at the “ripe old age” of thirty-six) so that it can appropriately be medicated, especially as it relates to head and neck or shoulder pain. Just tell me now.

The light switch in my bedroom had to be replaced because it actually arced out of the blue, too. So I got to dodge that — literal arcing. That was fun, and by fun I mean not fun. I came into my bedroom one afternoon and went to turn the fan on, having turned the overhead light off choosing to rely on my lamp and ring light to reduce migraine pain, and that was when it arced at me. I immediately turned it off. Several hours later, it was fixed. That could have gone a completely different direction though and actually hurt me, or worse…

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