Before I forget to post in more detail about this…

I’ve been tinkering around in GEDmatch because I’ve heard a lot of good things about using the website, even if it’s not always the easiest to understand. It is technical, so I’m going to need to break it down here.

In addition, I’ve been tinkering around with Genomelink, and I’m really interested with the results that they’ve given my 23andMe and Ancestry files (I always use the Ancestry ones for this sort of thing so that the same set of DNA is measured and quantified). I’ll post that picture in a bit, and some of the more detailed pictures describing my European heritage… I just don’t want to saturate my blog with a whole lot of screenshots and posts about those screenshots, but I do want to incorporate my findings in some way. Almost all of it corroborates what I’ve learned from previous tests, but certain trace DNA is more consistently coming up on these tests that was not and probably would not come up on Ancestry and 23andMe because those testing companies have become some of the least accurate that I have had the… pleasure of doing business with. As much as I like their family-finding features, their ethnicity estimates have not been accurate when it comes to me at all, and they become increasingly less accurate with each subsequent update and I hate it.

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