Regarding some recent fandom drama I saw…

The only reason that I saw it cross my Twitter timeline was because followers of mine and friends of mine (“moots”) were discussing it or interacting with it to the point that these posts were being elevated and suggested to me… regret number one, I suppose. That was my primary interaction and involvement with it, aside from mentioning that what I did see coming across my timeline made me extremely uncomfortable, continued to make me extremely uncomfortable, and justified why my interaction in fandom-related activities is as close to none as “little to none” can possibly get. I’m well within my rights to find these sort of conversations disconcerting and uncomfortable and want nothing to do with them, which is what I continue to do not participating in fandom experiences — it’s been a boon of mental health for me to have made the decision not to do so (and for my closest friends, such as Andy, was actually something they’d seen coming for months… the less neurotypical in question the friend was, the more they just intuitively understood it).

At this rate, I just hope that fandom as a collective whole continues to leave me alone. I’m not going to watch The Winchesters when it premieres because there’s nothing about it that interests me. If other people want to watch it I’m not going to make them feel bad over it, just as I wouldn’t want to feel bad with my… casual watching of most things (ask me how far I am in The Boys one of these days, I swear), but it’s just not something that I’m interested in. I’m not fascinated by John and Mary’s love story. I know enough about it.

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