It is what it is, and I’m very happy for this.

So far I’d say it’s been a week since I quit some of the Discord servers that I had mentioned being a part of, and so far I have no regrets about any of this. None of it is worth it to me. I would like them to continue not to contact me, invite me to things like these, or reach out to me in the future though. I suppose it might have meant more to me if I had ever intended on meeting any of these people in person, but right now that’s not something that I feel comfortable with — for me to meet people from the Internet I would have had to have known them for an extremely long time, would not be comfortable if they kept… questionable company that I might meet, especially in person, as a result of this interaction, or it would have to be in a safe place with security like TwitchCon or VidCon. But with the exception of getting back in touch with a few people from that time period of my life, it didn’t bother me one bit to have separated myself from them when I chose to delete America Online from my computer and… not to tell any of them that I was doing so, or where I could be contacted after the fact. The kind of behavior seen on the servers that spawned from this is not behavior that I tend to want to be around, let alone reward, and people doing those things are for the most part — perhaps overwhelmingly so — not friends that I want to keep. There was a reason that I did what I did.

Now if they could continue… not contacting me about wanting me to return to any of their servers (or to join any new ones that are created), that would be wonderful. I’m going to continue to refuse to re-join these servers or to join any new ones they make, although I am not opposed to keeping in touch with individuals that I met through them or got back in touch with through them. None of this was ever that important to me.

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