It had to be mentioned in here at some point.

One of these days, I’m going to get around to starting a category (or tag, I’m not quite sure yet) about questions that I’ve gotten asked… a lot of them have to do with whether or not something is “safe to take”, and friends of mine like to ask me these questions because they know that they’re going to get a non-judgmental answer, but also a no-nonsense one. Two of the questions that I am most frequently asked are whether or not kratom is safe to take — and questions branching off of that about kratom, which for the sake of this blog post I’m lumping into one question — and phenibut, which… I’m going to warn some of you now, I have developed quite a colorful response to that for reasons I get into when I answer the question…

Meanwhile, now that this computer is hardwired I’m beginning to muck around with different streaming schedules to figure out which one will work best for me. I don’t want to stream to the point that I burn myself out on it, but I do want to become Twitch Affiliate at some point (and then, in the future… Twitch Partner).

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