Well, that was certainly new and unexpected.

For some reason, the gaming computer — the desktop — seemed to have some kind of BIOS or hard drive error, or… something that completely formatting and reloading fixed, and now that I’m getting to be on the tail end of that I’m finally writing this post. I’ve finally gotten Windows 11 back on here, have downloaded and installed all of the Origin games we have (here’s looking at you and the newest few expansion packs, The Sims 4), am about midway through our Steam collection, and will get to our Epic Games collection once I am all done with that. I will then cull startup processes that don’t need to run when the computer is started up and make sure that nothing is running that would actively slow down the computer, because that’s never good. Right now, I’m choosing not to format the internals beyond that or any of the externals, and I’ll see where that takes me in terms of free space. Luckily Bub managed not to know that this actually happened.

He did see me tinkering around in the computer at one point, but he didn’t know that I had to reload the OS.

I might buy a cheap SSD hard drive off of eBay just to have on hand, just to be on the safe side.

These have been days… days that have ended in y and have caused migraines that have lasted for days.

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