None of this should surprise me at this point.

For some reason, I’ve been lagging for the better part of the day. Some of that could be due to the fact that the kids have been using their devices — namely watching videos on them, which doesn’t surprise me at all given that it’s the middle of the summer right now and isn’t something that bothers me one bit — but it could also be due to the fact that it’s been raining here off and on for the better part of the afternoon, and… our ISP has never really been the best to begin with even though it’s the only one in this area that offers unlimited bandwidth. However, one of the great things is that I should be looking at having our gaming PC hardwired in the coming days! I have everything that I need to actually do the hardwiring, so all that’s left is to actually hardwire it into the modem and then we should be able to enjoy low to no latency and minimal to no packet drops while gaming and streaming. Everything else is set up to where gaming and streaming should not at all be a hassle going forward, for which I’m thankful because I do not need nor do I want to give myself unnecessary migraines. I’ve already gotten most of the major work out of the way over several months…

And in a move that should surprise absolutely no one, I got a Facebook post block again that I can’t appeal.

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