None of this should surprise me at this point.

Branching off of the “men causing apprehension and anxiety” post that I made not too long ago, there was something else that I wanted to bring up: there was another reason that I left, and will not return to, this Discord server or any of the satellite servers that I had joined made by people who were a part of the original server. Fortunately for me I did not waste a substantial amount of time on these servers, although I did make a few friends on them that may or may not continue to be my friends depending on if they read what I’ve had to say about… the main server, and how they feel about that. I’ve been Tweeting about it, making fun of the mod who said that “this is not up for debate” when I’ve pointed out what I’m getting to.

At any rate, getting the show on the road: although the streamer of this server (or these servers, if you want to get technical) has been accused of grooming children — something that I don’t think she’s done because she doesn’t even appear to have the time to do it, let alone any of the proclivities — I do think that the people on her server, particularly the moderators, don’t know how to have decent or even appropriate interactions with minors, who I know for a fact are members of her server. If you’re not related to the minor in question, you shouldn’t be talking to them online, even if you claim that you’re “being a role model” to them — this is an absolutely horrible, flimsy excuse, and you should feel bad for even attempting to use it. If you are an adult, you don’t have anything in common with an unrelated minor that you are more than a few years older than, excepting Romeo and Juliet sorts of situations. You don’t need to be their “friend”, their “special friend”, whatever you want to call it — your behavior is predatory and you are grooming them. The main server implicated in all of this has set up channels where minors can… talk to adults like this, ones that you have to substantially level up for within the scope of the server’s leveling system to be able to access, and that says all that needs to be said right there: the fact that moderators have gone to such great lengths to hide these chats means that they know that what they are hiding is very inappropriate. None of this is appropriate.

I have absolutely no faith that the mods, or people directly involved in this, will ever change though.

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