This still surprises me that it happened.

It may have taken them a year to do it, but the comment of someone from my state governor’s Facebook page caused Facebook to delete their account in response to being reported. This is honestly the first time that I have had something like this happen as a result of reporting something to Facebook that clearly violated Community Standards, because normally Facebook insists that “the comment (or post) does not violate Community Standards” even when it’s a Father’s Rights Activist or Men’s Rights Activist talking about or threatening to commit arson on a child support building with workers still inside. I’ve actually reported several comments talking about that in the past, and the only one even remotely similar to those that was actually taken down was a comment that I reported where a man talked about wanting to shoot his ex-wife in the face “because he didn’t want to (have to) pay her any more child support”. Facebook took that comment down within the hour that I had reported it. Still, though… I mean, a win is a win here, right?

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