My Internet is working better… I mean, I hope.

We had severe storming the night before last, which resulted in damage that our ISP had to fix (not actual damage to our modem, router, or lines… other damage, and I don’t claim to be an expert on any of these things). Because of that, I dropped a lot of frames when I attempted to stream Chrono Trigger as planned last night, but things are looking better now than they were! I think I’m going to stream Chrono Trigger tonight to make up for it instead of Alice: Madness Returns like I had been planning, but sometimes concessions just have to be made. Meanwhile I have some completely awesome friends who are attempting to bring some retro programs that a lot of us used in the nineties and early millenia, and I think they’re going to be successful at it — I’ll write more about it here as time goes on, but I’m an alpha tester for one, and I’ve mainly delegated myself to quality of life issues and things like “well, how much can I click on to see if any errors come up that I can report?”. Or… however else you would word “come up”, because migraines are fun.

When I can talk about one of (okay, probably the primary) the passion projects that is going on right now that some programmers — and some of my friends, to include the overlap that are some of my friends who are also programmers, “there ain’t no gettin’ off of this train ride we’re on” — I may post screenshots, but only with permission. This is amazing. This is great. This is definitely extremely nostalgic. I just love this.

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