Don’t tell me something I don’t already know.

My pain management clinic wanted to make sure I knew how disabling my migraines actually are — yeah, don’t get me wrong, I’m aware, I just try to ignore as much as I can for as long as I can (and trust me, this has not been a tenable option for a long time) — as far as employment prospects go. I have found a lawyer who is more than willing to take my case on to help me get disability, though. He’s only going to take a certain percentage of my backpay if successful, which I am more than fine with. As soon as his office got the function report back from my pain management clinic, someone immediately contacted me with new client paperwork to fill out, which I filled out and sent back to them, and I gave them a copy of my state ID. Then he contacted me a few hours later to tell me that he would be the one taking my case, asked me if I had requested the hearing yet (I had), and made sure that I got the papers back to his office that allowed them to request more recent copies of my medical records. Done and done. You don’t have to tell me twice here…

I’d still like to make something out of streaming, but I acknowledge that there are and will be limitations there as well, especially with where my migraine frequency and severity are at. Plus, in the long run, if I do make something out of streaming, there is a waiver in place that will allow me to keep Medicaid eligibility as a disabled person up to a certain point because I can prove that I need it to continue to be able to stream.

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