Prednisone hates me and still clearly hates me.

I’ve seen the doctor once for this and I was prescribed antibiotic gel to put on the wound at dressing changes, but… that isn’t actually going well, so I will probably have to see the doctor again for the wounds that Bub gave me on my right arm pinching me while having meltdowns, because apparently he broke skin and now it is infected. I also have a few other surface-level Staph infections on random places on my skin that continue to be and stay bandaged and are hidden by clothes, but I’ve been off of prednisone long enough to be able to get my booster COVID-19 shot (finally!). I think at the end of the day, prednisone has broken me as I’ve referenced several times already in here. I wouldn’t have taken it again if my primary care doctor and pulmonologist didn’t tell me to continue the burst and taper that I had been prescribed due to a worsening of asthma symptoms. And on top of that, I feel like I should have held out for the J&J booster rather than get the Pfizer booster recommended by the pharmacy because I actually feel sick, not just “feel sick” like you do when you get immunized and your body is beginning to make antibodies to fight actual contact of the virus with should the need ever arise (as it likely will during, well, a pandemic of all things).

Either that or I should have waited longer than I did to get re-vaccinated even if I waited “long enough”…

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