Another one bites the dust… well, again.

The gaming chair that I got us several months ago broke for the second time this morning when the shaft that goes into the wheel well actually… bent for some strange reason. I am still not sure what caused that.

The first time, a single wheel-well broke. You know, one of the things that contains the wheels? Part of that broke. I was able to replace that, finding compatible parts for that online… but if it comes to continually fixing this chair, and spending more money fixing this chair than I would spend getting a comparable, new one, I know exactly what I am going to do. Plus, I don’t want to have to figure out the hard way if this chair is going to break down again or in a worse way. As it was, the second break in the chair made it so that the chair could not support itself with no one sitting in it. One of the perks of Amazon Prime, along with the video selection that we now have, is going to be this chair put on two-day tap. I definitely do not mind this, heh.

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