We’re on day two of the washer going kaput.

I was in the process of washing things in my bedroom when the washer mysteriously stalled on the wash cycle. I came to check on my laundry about an hour after I’d put it in and it was just floating around in the basin because the washer, for whatever reason, refused to drain it. I wound up having to get those things out by hand, wring them out, and then put them in the dryer while the washer had to be emptied by hand.

In the interim, I’ve been setting up our Twitch account. I just have to set up the gaming desk that I got to replace the old, creaky desk that’s… been there, more or less faithfully, for as long as my youngest son has been alive. Then comes grappling with the microphone that I bought that came with no instructions. That one should be fun. If I can, and if I can’t get disability for myself, I’d love to turn this into something like a day job that covered our expenses working from home that I could do on days that I felt good (and I mean, just maxing those days out). I just have to get this up, off of the ground, and start streaming at some point…

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