Does any of this really surprise me now?

The parcel that I mentioned did arrive at eight in the evening on the sixth, even though it was already late by that point. However, I chalk this up to the fact that I persistently asked FedEx about the status of it since one item that I attempted to buy in December of 2021 was already stolen from that drop-off point — I wasn’t about to let another parcel get stolen by them if I could help it, even if this parcel was… somewhat larger… in the form of a desk. In the interim I began reading about FedEx, though, and that search led me to their Reddit where apparently a lot of people have complained that their PlayStation 5s have been stolen, ranging from the driver not delivering them (or faking delivery) to them being taken out of the boxes before they were even delivered because Sony puts what they are on the box, instead replacing the contents of the box with similarly heavy things. (And apparently this still happens for people recently buying PlayStation 5s, too…)

When I was a teenager, someone got Final Fantasy X-2 for me a a Christmas present. Upon opening it, I realized that there were AOL discs (yes, this was back in the day when America Online was still a viable Internet option) rather than the game discs that I had been expecting. The person took the game back to get an actual copy of the game, and the place that they’d bought it from almost didn’t believe that this had actually happened until someone came in right behind them complaining that their electronics had been replaced with America Online discs as well. I eventually got my hands on the game that I was supposed to get that Christmas even though I didn’t actually get around to finishing it for… well, quite awhile, but the fact of the matter still stands that this absolutely does happen. FedEx seems like it is the worst in the whole United States for this, though. You can practically doomscroll on Reddit reading about items that FedEx has stolen, and in some of these cases drivers have actually been fired or had charges pressed against them because FedEx could prove that the item had actually been loaded onto their van when the decision was made by them to steal it. Those are the stories that I like reading about since someone is held responsible.

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