’round and ’round we go again here, I guess.

For some reason, after our SNAP renewal the state has seen fit to refer Bub and Monster’s child support cases to the OAG (Office of the Attorney General) again… in spite of the fact that good cause waivers exempting them from this benefit requirement were approved for both cases as of May 2021. I’m not sure why this continues to happen like clockwork as it mysteriously has since 2014, but I’ve been initiating closure requests on both cases since they opened and will continue to do so each day. I also e-mailed the contacts that I have from HHSC and the OAG, and I’ve made sure that there is a paper trail of me not having revoked either of the good cause waivers. In addition, I submitted a formal complaint to the HHSC ombudsman. The last time that I had to do this, I was in the process of acquiring a lawyer through Legal Aid to litigate. As soon as HHSC and the OAG found out that I had done this, they immediately put both cases back into non-enforcement where they stayed for several months. I’m merely chronicling this here to attest to the fact that it has once again happened, it continues to periodically happen in a problematic way, and I want it to stop.

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