But I mean, shouldn’t I have expected this?

Predictably, that comment that I reported to that dude’s Human Relations department “didn’t violate Facebook community standards”, even though his own job thanked me for reporting it to them and told me that the HR department and his manager would be speaking to him about the inappropriateness of things he said on his off time that reflected poorly on the job as a whole (which hilariously caused him to delete the entire comment as though none of it happened). This doesn’t surprise me though. Facebook didn’t take down a comment I’d reported like… eons ago, when it happened, where a man stated that he wanted to commit arson on a child support office with the workers inside, and then their Oversight Board literally refused to do anything about a violent threat. At this point, I don’t expect anything substantial from Facebook any more.

Facebook doesn’t like leftist advocates, especially when they are AFAB or women, and it really, really shows.

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