Some amusing trace DNA that I discovered.

The amount of German DNA that this is reporting really surprises me, because just about every test I’ve done says that I either have very little German DNA or none. Almost all tests have reported that I am either a third or just under halfway Celtic (Irish, Scottish and Welsh). The fact that this says that I have no British DNA does not surprise me at all since three recent tests where I have uploaded my DNA have reported that. I am predominantly Scandinavian as it turns out, and I’m cool with that. The French DNA that this reports back is not that surprising, as early on I ran my DNA through GEDmatch and it reported back with trace DNA that I had initially discarded. I know that I have Balkan and Greek DNA, although this does not report back on my Italian DNA the same way that GEDmatch enthusiastically has. And the eastern European DNA does not even surprise me, because GEDmatch consistently reported back on low levels of Romanian DNA.

So here we are, I suppose. At some point I’ll update the “More About Me” page with some of this.

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