I’m still coming up with a Christmas present list.

I found some really nice shirts and skater dresses off of an Etsy retailer that I would love to have, but they appear to come out of Hong Kong so I need to know if the sizes stated on the listings are “universal” (that’s always fun), United States sizes or Hong Kong sizes so that I can appropriately size myself as needed. For shirts and things that wrap around the chest, I generally size two up from baseline United States sizing because of my asthma. I remember having a fun time taking my psychology final in college because I happened to be wearing a “normal” shirt (first, last, and only time this happened), and then the next thing I know, I’m short of breath. Luckily I could take that test like the back of my hand, proceeded to do so, then went home as soon as I was done rather than get a bite to eat at the student center. Kind of hard to get a bite to eat if you’re constantly using your inhaler, which under the circumstances (“severe”) I was told to do.

Not severe enough to require hospitalization, but severe enough to need to keep my airways open like that.

Anyway, I’ve decided that stuffing myself into skater dresses is like… the easiest when I’m having a bad day, such as a bad pain day, so I want some of these. I just need to know the right size to do it in for this vendor.

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