I mean, someone had to say something about this.

For some reason, TikTok erroneously “flags” videos of kids without their shirts on… even if the kid in question is male, which would make the whole thing not a problem. I’ve been Mentioning them on Twitter about this because Bub doesn’t like wearing shirts a whole lot due to sensory issues, but I’m sure a lot of you can see where this will probably go since TikTok has the most horrendous customer service and they’re pending a class action lawsuit payout for fucking around and finding out. Anyway, people from “the other side of the Supernatural fandom” (imagine me explaining this to other people, which I don’t because I do not talk about fandom issues or fandom anything in real life, not even to men I date… they don’t even know what television shows I like because we just don’t discuss that, so they know nothing of what I do in various fandoms, and I’d love to keep it that way, especially because they would not care since that isn’t anything we would have in common) found out that I Tweeted TikTok and made a big deal about it on their Tumblr. I guess if you’re going to say shit like “You don’t deserve money even if they are being unfair.” you can pay my entire disability check for me, because God only knows that these people attend conventions left and right.

At any rate, I look forward to you paying my bills.

I also look forward to the continued realization that I will never meet these people in person because I will never attend conventions, especially Supernatural ones. I might make an exception for SatanCon when this pandemic is well and thoroughly over with though, but I mean… that’s Satan. That’s a convention for Satanists. My big thing is that a lot of conventions do not allow you to carry or have self-defense tools on you, even if they are legal in your state or the state in which you’re attending the convention, and I don’t voluntarily go places that don’t allow me to carry my mace and switchblade for extended periods of time. When I am not out of the house and they are not in my purse, they are and remain in a safe in my closet.

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