This went about as well as could be expected.

Some people found the Tweet that my friend sent to the Human Relations (HR) department of the job that the man has who snidely told me that he expected me to raise my profoundly disabled children to be dependent on other people rather than… what was it, learn to rely on themselves or support themselves or something? The conversation eventually degenerated into some of them thinking that I am not actually disabled, that I am “gaming the system” — I wish I weren’t disabled, but anyway — because I have hobbies and interests that I at least try to engage in. And as it is, Bub is getting his video games. I don’t care how much hot coal I have to walk across to give them to him, or how much pain medication I have to responsibly take. I wear sunglasses inside the house almost all the time now unless I have to take them off because I can’t see what I’m doing while I’m wearing them. My half of the house is dimmed. Sometimes I like to at least attempt to enjoy hobbies and interests even if they cause me pain and even if I have to medicate that pain.

I am sick and tired of conservatives suggesting to disabled people “jobs that they can do at home” because, yeah, let me work from home, be on the clock, and have a seizure. I go apraxic during those. Or let me be incapacitated by a migraine that is actually substantially worse than labor pains… and trust me, I do know.

“But he shouldn’t be punished for saying one thing (he should regret)”… but he brought children into it.

Like, I wouldn’t have cared if he had focused his ire on me, but he brought my children into it.

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