More of the same, more of what we expected.

I did the rest of Bub’s intake for the behavioral therapy that we want him to start, although before they can begin providing services he needs to have a psychological assessment on file. So that will get scheduled whenever that can get scheduled. I told the therapy clinic that I would like this to take place in our city if that can at all be arranged, although I am okay with commuting if there is absolutely no way around it and we have exhausted every other option. I try to avoid commuting out of this city whenever possible though, especially now that we know that Bub’s meltdowns have worsened in frequency and severity (which could be, and very likely is, caused by the onset of adolescence). The longer that he has to spend riding in a car, the dicier things can get, even when I bring everything with us that stands a chance at keeping him calm or occupying his mind. And this is even when he’s been sedated as per advice and recommendations from his care team — before it used to be Benadryl and melatonin, which wouldn’t cause him to go to sleep but would calm him down, and now it is Mirtazapine given during the day if that is ever absolutely necessary.

He will be on a wait list for the rest of the services that the county can provide, all except for the behavioral therapy whenever the psychological assessment is done and therapy is able to begin. That much can happen sooner than everything else. However, the wait list for other services that he can be provided with is years long. That much I don’t actually mind at the moment, because the primary service that I want him to begin to get is the behavioral therapy whenever it can start to be scheduled. But whenever those other services can start for him, I mean, that will be nice. And none of them seem like they will hurt matters any.

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