Well, I’m glad I got my money back on that.

About a month and… some change ago, I decided to order the Yuffie Kisaragi cape (what would you call this, anyway? a cape?) from AUScosplay. I knew that it would take about a month to get here, and I didn’t mind that because of how far out in advance I was intentionally placing the order. I wanted something that would cover me, and my arms and upper body, so that we could record video of us playing MMORPGs and video games without people becoming concerned about errant bruises left on me by accident from Bub’s meltdowns, and I figured that if I were wearing something stylish — something that I liked and wanted to wear anyway, were I to own it — it would cover those marks up without question. And it looked really nice.

So I patiently waited a month, hoping along the way that at some point AUScosplay would send me an e-mail with tracking or… well, actually ship the thing. But I got absolutely nothing from them at any point in the process. I sent several civil, polite e-mails inquiring about the status of my order and not a single e-mail was ever responded to. That rose several serious questions as to whether or not I would even get the item.

When the month mark came and gone and still no cape, I filed a complaint with PayPal since I had gone through them, indicating that I had not gotten what I had ordered and that I would like my money back since it had already been a month. They told me that I would have to wait until early November for a decision, but miraculously decided entirely in my favor three days into that, and I was refunded the full cost. I’m thinking that they might have done this to more than one person because of how quickly PayPal ruled in my favor…

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