I keep fandom life separate from real life.

So I had to tell someone in Diablo II Resurrected that if you make a cow level game on normal difficulty with no level cap that you are going to get people of all levels in your game, to include people who see the game name, have no idea what a cow level is, and want to learn because they are curious. I am not surprised that I had to have this conversation with someone. I’m sure that a lot of people who play this game are new to it and did not play Diablo II growing up like I did, so hey. I’m not going to fault the majority of them for this.

Also, regarding more Supernatural fandom wank: I keep my fandom life separate from my everyday life, but that is in large part due to the fact that the people that I converse with in person on a regular basis know absolutely nothing about fandom and would not even in the slightest be interested in anything fandom-related. I think I could probably talk shop about The Walking Dead to a few of them, but I have not gotten to that show yet because migraine treatment keeps getting in the way of shows that I actually want to watch (light hurts my soul, as they say, so I have to be careful about what light sources I expose myself to). I keep my online life separate from my real life, at least living where I do right now, because my online life involves a lot more geekery than people who know me in real life can handle or would want to be interested in. I can guarantee that not a single person that I know in real life knows what a fanfic is, and I’m not explaining the intricacies of fandom life to people who are not at all interested in it. The same goes for autism groups that I am a part of, and parenting groups as well, aside from “I like Supernatural”. That’s all any of them get…

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