Supernatural fandom drama is still alive and well.

To clarify in advance, Hellers are Supernatural fans who ship Castiel and Dean Winchester.

· friend begins making videos chronicling “Heller events”, as someone succinctly put it (Supernatural drama)
· when first video is complete, friend posts link to it in various places — it is also public on YouTube
· someone comments on Tumblr about how friend stole someone else’s written rendition of Heller news
· this person deletes those messages and their Tumblr account right after doing so, even though it was seen
· the person who had been doing a decidedly different, daily written rendition of Heller news sends a Tweet to my friend that is very similarly worded (and has since been deleted) about how people shouldn’t steal other people’s ideas, coming out of left field because the two news deliveries are extremely different
· a simple search on Twitter (of people mentioning this account name) reveals that this person, the writer of the written Heller news, had used the Twitter account name that was literally the Tumblr that made the initial comment in notes about how friend allegedly stole his idea, tying the initial Tumblr comment made to my friend to the Tweet that was sent to him… and yes, getting knee-deep in this is giving me a headache
· friend points this out and by merely doing so, this starts a cascade of drama that is not friend’s fault
· I repeatedly extend the offer that this can be discussed on friend’s Discord server since I am an admin there and can keep the conversation civil, but this person (the writer of the daily, written Heller news) refuses
· people think that friend bullied the person that writes the written Heller news when this is not the case

As much as I enjoyed reading the daily, written version of Heller news (and can see from a mile away that my friend’s rendition of the news by way of YouTube video couldn’t be any more different from the written version, both in terms of delivery style and overall content), those who insist on “sticking up” for this person — not my friend, I’m trying not to name names here in my blog — have made me feel as though I have to “pick a side” in all of this. If I had to pick a side though, it would be pretty obvious which side I would pick.

Y’all, I am here for the critique, fan works and meta… I swear, I did not come here for the drama.

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