And so it predictably comes right back around.

So Bub accidentally bit me during a meltdown…

…and since I was on 40mg prednisone at the time, it turned into severe cellulitis.

He also caused injury to the site that he bit me at, hence the cellulitis.

The story of my life seems to be “no dose of prednisone is low enough to stop all of these side effects,” even though my spirometry clearly needed it. I had to get a tetanus shot at urgent care due to it and was placed on antibiotics (clindamycin, to be exact). Fortunately my stomach can tolerate it, which wasn’t the case for the Omnicef that I was put on for that Staph infection, but it does seem to be making me a little bit tired…

That is preferable though. I’ll learn to deal with it. I don’t like being tired, though. But I hate nausea.

Also, if you don’t already know, the Supernatural fandom is still very alive and well after the show’s end.

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