I’m still amused by Jared’s temper tantrum.

So, for all maybe one of you who aren’t already in the know, Jared Padalecki had a temper tantrum on Twitter over the fact that he hadn’t been clued in about the Supernatural prequel that Jensen Ackles’ production company wants to take on. This would have been glorious if it weren’t childish and pathetic. The more I hear or read about Jared, the less I like him, even though I never quite minded Sam Winchester. It’s clear that he doesn’t know how to approach things like an adult would, let alone treat them like an adult would. He just whines until he gets what he wants (and that’s usually after siccing his fans, or “stans”, on whoever slighted him that day). There’s also the MLM — multi-level marketing scheme — that he’s now ass over tea-kettle for, which has some questionable ingredients like nootropics in one, melatonin in the other.

Nootropics are not, nor do they have to be, approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), which means that at best the ingredients do nothing and are placebos, but at worst do something, meaning that an overdose on them — inadvertent as it may be — may be toxic or even life-threatening. Take phenibut, for instance. Phenibut is a nootropic. It is also very possible to overdose on phenibut because lower doses “don’t work” on some people, but higher doses will definitely yield toxic side-effects. It is also extremely easy to build up a tolerance to phenibut, meaning that people who do take it would need a higher dose for the same “therapeutic” effects, and that’s a lot of why phenibut is so easy to accidentally overdose on. The problem with the melatonin is that it is only over-the-counter in a handful of countries, meaning that Jared’s MLM can’t be sent abroad if someone is attempting to purchase the one with melatonin in it and… wait for it… their country has relegated melatonin to prescription-only or has laws in place regarding import of the drug (or any other similar drugs, for that matter). Although melatonin is markedly more difficult to overdose on, taking too much of it when you do not have the tolerance for it can yield such side-effects as daytime sleepiness and extreme tiredness hours after the fact (or the nap/sleep). This too isn’t something that people should dose themselves on, at least not without consulting a doctor or other similar medical professional.

Just because you are depressed (or mentally ill in another way) does not excuse you from taking responsibility for your actions, and siccing your fans (“stans”) on people who you feel have slighted you, only to half-heartedly attempt to pull them back when damage is actually being done (“I didn’t mean for that to happen!”) is the opposite of taking responsibility for your actions. More news at ten. Obvious cat is obvious.

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