I’m still shopping for Bub’s birthday, y’all.

Since he doesn’t care what day he gets things as long as he gets them, I’ve been pre-ordering games that I know he will like. I’ll be writing about them in here as they actually arrive and we get a chance to play them.

I also got him more Meowth and Persian plushes since those are his favorite Pokemon. I know for a fact that all but one of those will arrive before his birthday. I had to order one of the Persian plushes from Japan, so that one might not arrive until after his birthday has come and gone… but there is still hope for the thing…

I may also pick up his cake before his birthday and let both of the kids chow down on it. The grocer near my house sells a lot of great cakes, particularly birthday cakes, and I’ve seen unicorn cakes for sale a time or two over there. I’m considering picking one of those up for him the next time that I have a chance and can swing by the grocer. His favorite stuffed animal is a unicorn, so he should like this cake and this should work!

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