I now have… more than one deck of things.

In addition to having a few tarot decks, having come by them over the years, I have an intentions deck.

I’ve used it once already and I do have to say that it fulfills a purpose. I like it a lot, from the pictures that are on one side of the cards to the actual writing on the other side of the cards. Given the opportunity, I think I’m going to take pictures of the deck and post them up here because… well, why not? And in addition to that, I have The Devil’s Deck, which is a deck of cards meant to go with Shiva Honey’s The Devil’s Tome, which I continue to look at and read passages from to this day as they relate to Satanic ritual. To me, it’s a lot more than just “being Satanic to make my parents mad” — one of them formally defected from their family’s (Mormon) religion, the other one is dead — or “doing it to be edgy”. I sincerely believe the things that are set out in atheistic Satanism, and the “found family” that I’ve found by communing with like-minded people has been tremendously helpful. I literally don’t know of any other, better way to put it. If I had become Catholic at the urging of Bub and his father’s family, I would have quit being Catholic for this. It wouldn’t have mattered if we were married and this caused us to get divorced, either. I never wanted to be Catholic in the first place, so I would have cut my losses and moved on authentically being the person that I was meant to be all along.

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