I have more or less kicked the stomach bug from hell!

I know that it’s not proper nomenclature to call them the “stomach flu”, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t feel every bit as miserable as someone who actually had the flu. Then again, I was immunocompromised when I caught this. I caught it because I was so severely immunocompromised. ’round and ’round the wheel turns.

In Pokemon Go-related news, I’ve had to put that game down for the foreseeable future because a recent update to the game extended the amount of time that “the white flash” is present on the screen for the normally brief instances that it is. As a result, more people are being exposed to it who are at risk for adverse neurological events such as migraines or seizures… and I meet both of those criteria, or have both of those things happen to me, admittedly one more than the other. Until I’ve been given word that this is no longer the problem that it has become, I don’t think that I can safely play this game. And I’m definitely not going to want to get myself hyped up for new patches or releases if I am only able to play the game for very brief periods of time if it even manages to work out like that. I’ve liked this game since release, so this is a shame.

I suppose Bub and I can play more of the console games that we have in the interim to make up for this.

Fortunately, though, Bub hasn’t really been asking for this game… but we’re still in the throes of a pandemic.

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