It also took nine years for this to happen.

I have a smaller wound next to the… largest wound.

Since I had been preparing for that likelihood, taking oral antibiotics in addition to using antibiotic cream on the infected areas, I was quickly able to find it. This one formed a bit more painfully than that one, although that one formed slightly painfully as well (and was misattributed to “chub rub”). It formed almost like a burn would have, and it certainly looked like one, although now I know what the most likely cause of these are.

With my third stimulus check, I bought an indoor bicycle since that is more my “style” and can easily be put together and stored in my room. If I can keep this at bay with exercise, I fully intend to do so, although I also know that I have an extensive family history of early-onset type two diabetes… so I may not be able to outrun this. Not entirely. I can see me needing to be put on some kind of medication for it in the (near) future.

To be honest, I did expect cellulitis to be a diagnosis because of how some of these wounds formed. To know that there is a specific cause behind them connected with family history has been a bit depressing, though.

But in case it needs to be said, I also spent a portion of my third stimulus check on exercise equipment.

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