I need to come up with better subject lines.

I need my optometrist to… do whatever it is that they have to do to continue seeing me as a patient, because apparently the whole thing changed hands and they have to recertify with each of the major insurance providers that they had formerly certified with, or however you actually word that. I’ve been meaning to get my eyes tested for months, but this has been the one monkey wrench in the plan. I’m pretty sure that I am no longer seeing 20/20 with my glasses, finding it more difficult to see what’s on my computer screen and having to squint at it with glasses on some of the time. And I’m not even on prednisone right now, either!

I’m still waiting to hear back on whether or not my insurance has approved Botox treatments for my migraines, or even steroid shots since my new diagnosis will allow those. But since my last visit with my pain management clinic was a TeleHealth consult because of the severe winter storms that hit around here at this time last month, I… don’t exactly have the highest of hopes that this will come through before I’m actually the skeleton from the skeleton meme. I would have asked about it then, but it was the nurse practitioner who did the TeleHealth consult with me, and she has to consult with the doctor before she can make any changes to my treatment plan… or sometimes even answer a whole lot of in-depth questions that she may not initially, or originally, have the answers to. So I’m content, or as content as I can be, to wait until my next visit to inquire about that. Ideally, I am approved for both of them and we just go on from there…

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