I made a minor mistake here, folks… my bad.

I didn’t queue a post to go up today, even though I have posts ready for the next several days.

For some reason, composing and scheduling a post for today —this day — nearly managed to slip my mind.

In relevant news, I kept informed about the virtual panel that Supernatural actors Jared Padalecki (Sam) and Jensen Ackles (Dean) held. Upon finding out how it was transpiring, I actually regret having done so, even regretting the effort that I made to stay on top of how it was going. Almost no mention was made of fellow co-star and lead Misha Collins (Castiel) to the point that it became clear that the subject of him was taboo.

It’s becoming clearer that the executives want to sanitize the show, making it about two brothers who traveled the country hunting, forgetting that for a decade they had a sidekick in the form of an angel of the Lord. That’s a fairly big thing to… forget, or miss. But the fact that no questions seemed to be permitted about Castiel’s confession of love to Dean, or even his fate, did not escape me. I could tell that the omissions were intentional. The show executives did not appear to want Castiel talked about, and the only reason that I say “appear to” here is because I would be delighted to be proven wrong. But do I think I’m going to be proven wrong? No, not quite. This is why, as I’ve said, I’m staying in it for the “Supernatural family” and the fans. I’m not going to give the executives another dollar of mine if this is really how things are going to go.

I have regrets about how I spent some of the day that panel was on, and keeping informed was that regret.

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