I haven’t thrown up a post over this, so…

So, last month we were in the eye of a severe winter storm.

Texas doesn’t ever really get those, so not that many people were prepared for it.

It got to the point that we had a few inches of snow stick to the ground, but ice formed over that, and then snow fell on top of the ice, making walking outside and even driving a car for awhile potentially hazardous. I still remember cars driving down my road at like six miles an hour if they had to go somewhere. The school district cancelled classes for the entire week, which is a rarity given that they are normally dead last at calling in cancellations. The boys’ occupational and speech therapy clinic also closed for the entire week, following what the local school district was doing. And as the storm progressed, water pipes began to freeze, and some of them actually exploded because the people owning the building — in a commercial section of town — exploded, meaning that the stores could not open until they got portable toilets on site.

Talk about completely unprepared for any of this.

Mail stopped being delivered due to this as well, although this didn’t bother me a whole lot since I was only waiting on one thing that I had ordered. The newspaper also stopped coming as well, which I expected… but trash delivery stopping during this was a new one for me, because I thought that they had to find some way to safely transport your unwanted trash. You know, through rain, through storm, all of the stuff that they say.

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