Yeah, so I’m switching over to

Since a friend mentioned it and I liked it enough to try it, I’ve begun to play on the Skeld “public” (in all actuality, it fits the definition of private server if you want to get technical) server. I had eventually begun to grow tired of not being able to get into public games on the official server because of how quickly they fell out, the glitching that comes with some of them such as drops due to “lag”, and how public games could — and very often would — go on this server. So far, I have had absolutely no problem with public games on Skeld… that, and they have variations of the official game that make it quite fun to play, such as Cops & Robbers where one person is the Sheriff and can shoot the Impostor (although if they’re wrong, they and that person die, and it actually winds up helping the Impostor out), clones (where everyone “is” you, making it that much harder to find out who the Impostor is), and zombies where your goal is not to get infected.

The people on Skeld also tend to be really nice, and chatting with them is enjoyable as I’ve come to learn.

I am much better at playing Among Us than I thought I would be, or even was when I first began playing it. I continue to be an excellent crewmate, although on a standard game I am also not the worst at being an Impostor (although if I am the only one, or the only one left, that’s when it starts to get difficult for me, heh).

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