I’m choosing not to watch the Walker remake.

Although some of my posts in here might have made it a bit obvious, I am no longer watching the CW. Along with this comes my conscious decision not to watch the Walker remake. Not only does the CW continue to be problematic in extremely obvious, and bad, ways, I’ve been doing some research on Jared Padalecki himself and do not like what I am finding out. For instance, during a Supernatural convention, he insisted on making an actual rape joke in front of an audience. Jensen tried to talk him out of actually saying it, but he insisted, trying to cover up how bad the joke was — it was about chloroform — claiming that his sense of humor was… bad like that. Honestly, I have no other words to say, nothing else about that. Additionally, he poured $600 of coins into then-fellow actor Misha Collins’ car, rendering the seatbelts unusable, which was extremely bad given that he drove his children (child, at the time) places in the vehicle. And he messed with the bike rack on Misha’s vehicle, which could actually have killed someone if it fell off while Misha was driving. Misha had to sit Jared down and tell him this. Jared obviously did not think this prank through at all.

These things are not pranks. These things are Jared making life miserable for people. It is what it is.

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