Why must you do the thing, Nintendo Switch?

Or Internet?

Why must you do the thing, router?

Why must both of you do the thing in tandem?

I’ve had to babysit the Switch to ensure that everything does download, because as soon as there’s lag — and there invariably are spots of lag whenever the kids are playing on their WiFi-connected devices or there’s inclement weather — the Switch drops whatever it’s doing, and based on my observations of it, you have to manually set everything to resume downloading once that has happened. Luckily it managed to get half through our game collection before that happened, and since it’s at 100% power I am babysitting it through the rest of the way or as much through the rest of the way that I can before I go to bed for the night. If it’s still downloading games then, I’ll do what I did last night and set it up to automatically download while charging, hoping that it actually finishes the second time around. I have some hope for that as long as the Internet holds at the speed it’s at, but… not a whole lot of hope. I just want our games on a better microSD…

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