Why are subjects so hard to come up with?

At some point, I’m going to be replacing this computer sooner than later. I have my eye on one that has roughly the same specs (specifications) as this one, and I can just take my 16GB DDR4 RAM out of this one and put it into this computer. It’s also… smaller than this computer is, but I think a lot of the newer computers are being made to be smaller than their counterparts, and that doesn’t bother me any. Sometimes the fan runs just fine in this, or nearly fine, and other times I can hear the fan spinning from across the room even though I’ve used compressed air on it more than once. I wish this computer wouldn’t be on its way out, which it kind of is by the sound of things, because that would save me money. I already got a slightly newer Kindle for Christmas because my old Kindle Keyboard, complete with 3G, was lagging badly or just plain freezing to the point where it had to be put in standby mode or restarted numerous times to do anything…

Meanwhile, I’m reading The Adventurous Eaters Club by Misha Collins and his wife. First of all, it’s Misha Collins, the actor who played Castiel in Supernatural. Secondly, it might give me some tips and tricks that I can use to make mealtime fun and more palatable for my two children than it already is, even though both of them are autistic. One day in the future I might just write my own book on that though. It’s a thought here.

At the end of the day, these books can help a bit, but autistic kids tend not to eat like neurotypical kids do.

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