Well, that didn’t work out quite as intended…

Apparently suddenly going “no poo” (no shampoo) was too much for my hair all at once, so now I am attempting to come to the same end by washing my hair with it less and less frequently. I’ve read that this can be helpful for individuals who produce a lot of oil or sebum on their scalp, and it would seem that I am one of those people when I suddenly stop washing my hair with shampoo. I still have the same end goal.

In my spare time, though, I’ve been playing Among Us. As it turns out, I am a great crewmate because I’ve memorized the map that I play the most on and can easily run in a circle around the map completing the tasks that I am assigned. And I wouldn’t say that I was the worst Impostor in the world although I know that there is definitely room for improvement. So far, in the games where I have been an Impostor and there is more than one, my fellow Impostor gets voted out fairly early in the game and I’m stuck trying to isolate players to kill them all on my own. All things considered though, it is a catchy game and I like it a whole lot.

Bub also likes playing it with me a lot of the time although I’m the “hands on deck”, which is a plus.

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