The curious case of my… failing laptop.

Based on a thorough cleaning of the device, my laptop’s fan motor seems to be going out. There’s not much that can be done for that aside from replacing the entire fan, and it then becomes a question of whether or not that is truly cost-effective given the age of the laptop. I’ve begun to look at local pawn shops to see what laptops they have available that would take the RAM that this one has, that way that RAM wouldn’t have been a waste of time to procure (DDR4, 16GB). I would also like to get a computer with a large HDD rather than one with a small SSD, simply because I like having a lot of room on my computer and SSD computers are a lot more expensive than their HDD counterparts for the same amount of space. If the variation in price weren’t as prolific as it was I might (and, trust me, it is), consider being willing to accept a SSD hard drive.

If I can’t find an acceptable, suitable laptop at any of the local pawn shops, I will start looking online.

At least this laptop lasted awhile, even though I had to get it too from a local pawn shop of all places. Heh…

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