That took nowhere near as long as anticipated.

Bub’s microSD is completely set up with no issue and he has all of the games that he currently owns on it!

Well, the digital ones.

I did get him some digital games when the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic was… being treated as more severe of a thing, a crisis, simply because I didn’t want to have to wait for them to come in the mail when there was bound to be a delay and could just as well switch Amazon orders from physical copies to digital copies. I did that until the mail was not quite as… delayed, at least on the end of games and other things actually being shipped out (“non-essentials”, and as a gamer I believe they are not a life-and-death thing).

In other news, I’ve been reunited with ten doses of Fioricet at two pills and twenty doses of Fioricet at one pill depending on how I take it. I try to take at least one as soon as I am aware that a migraine is actually just starting to become a migraine (“could this be a headache?”, no, never, not in my world), and I’ve gotten better at timing this. Not perfect, but I have gotten better at it. Since I now see the local pain management clinic for my migraine needs with my neurologist “on call” because she doesn’t feel comfortable co-treating unless absolutely necessary, I can work with them to coordinate being on the proper medications at the right doses and exploring things such as Botox. A few years ago, you wouldn’t have caught me dead consenting to be injected around the face and neck, let alone anywhere at all unless absolutely needed, but here we are.

If that ever actually happens I anticipate making sizable dents in my (our) gaming backlog, I really do.

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