Reasons that I’m still mad at Supernatural.

· as soon as Castiel confessed his love for Dean, he was literally killed by The Empty
· Dean wasn’t even given a chance to say anything back (in the American version of it, anyway)
· Castiel’s sacrifice was literally not mentioned aside from Dean telling Jack and Sam that he was gone
· the episode to follow that, which was the last one of the series, didn’t even address his sacrifice
· no one tried to bring him back in a show where deceased characters are notorious for being brought back
· actors and executives working on the show actually said “if you don’t like the ending, read/write fanfics”
· executives nearly completely lost their shit when the Spanish dub of Supernatural involved recriprocation
· said recriprocation was blamed on a “rogue translator” when any translation is a multi-step process
· one of the Winchester brothers was permanently killed while the other got to live to, and die from, old age
· Dean was never given a chance to get out of the hunting life and make something else of himself
· the passively suicidal character was the one that was killed off with Supernatural sending the strong message that anyone with any form of mental illness could not find happiness in life, only in death
· John Winchester apparently got to go to Heaven in spite of being the world’s worst father when alive
· the show seriously took fifteen seasons of character growth and threw it all away with the series finale
· you could watch the pilot of the show, then the series finale, and not be confused at all about anything
· some people practically grew up with this show just for the executives to craft the world’s worst finale

I think this covers nearly all of the “high points” of why I am so mad, so upset, and so sad at Supernatural.

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