I mean, I’ve put the effort out here, folks.

Soon I may be able to get the flu shot, which is useful even coming up to early February.

Key word, though: soon. And possibly, since taking prednisone for asthma contraindicates me while I am actively on it and for four full weeks after the date of last dose. Over the course of this pandemic I have honestly tried as hard as I could to stay off of prednisone, and I have had varying degrees of success depending on where in the year we have been at. I have certainly put substantially more effort into this.

If I can stay off of prednisone for more than four weeks, I may also be able to get the COVID-19 shot expedited due to the severity of my asthma since I’ve been told that I fall under one of the classes required to get it sooner than the general adult population… 1B, or something to that effect. I’m willing to get all recommended vaccines as long as I can tolerate them in that I am not, for whatever reason, contraindicated from them. Almost everyone else that I know is current on all of their vaccinations, at least the recommended ones, so I feel somewhat confident being protected by herd immunity… even though I’m aware that as various people enter my “bubble” when I do have to leave the house that they, for whatever reason, may not be up to date on their vaccines. I consider it a blessing that all I have to get is the annual flu shot and, whenever I am able to, the COVID-19 vaccination. Looking at you really hard right now here, prednisone.

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