This should not surprise me, and yet it still does.

The school district actually opened their doors around here. Their rationale for opening back up a week before the slated date that they would allow parents and guardians to choose the “option” of sending their student(s) in for face-to-face instruction was their own negligence in not procuring enough laptops and wireless hotspots to meet the need of the actual student population who would need them, even though they had all summer to prepare for this. So their literal response, in the midst of a global pandemic, was to open school doors back up a week early. Some people’s motives, other than seeing the financial reasoning behind this because this district has never truly been about anything other than retaining access to federal funds to the most maximal amount possible, I will never understand… and as I get older, I get increasingly more fine with that because it’s not something that I can control, even if this has the potential to affect lives.

This district is still allowing parents and guardians to elect that their student(s) continue virtual schooling as though they are giving them a pittance, dangling a carrot in front of them, going, “See how nice we are!”.

I know people who are happy to have sent their children back to school… in the midst of a global pandemic.

I know people who are happy to “be able to go back to work” in the midst of a global pandemic.

The United States has dropped the ball handling this pandemic in every way imaginable and it really shows.

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