One day, we will stream consoles. One day.

One of the things that I’ve been looking into is streaming on various websites that… let you do that, with YouTube being one of the ones that I’d like to stream on the most since we already use it for personal reasons. However, reading about what I have to buy to stream retro consoles (why can’t they just stream like the PlayStation 4?!) and where I have to hook it up has actually given me migraines. I’m not even going to lie. But I’m eventually going to get it done, I’m eventually going to understand this, and I am eventually going to stream our retro consoles. And our new consoles. But it still surprises me that you can’t natively stream on consoles like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which are still pretty new consoles. That one still confuses me.

Frankly, I wish that setting up equipment to stream off of retro consoles was just a bit easier overall.

There are so many old games that I would just love to be able to stream at the click of a button, but sadly it is nowhere near that easy. That seems to be the one catch with the one thing that I want to do the most…

You would think that at least some of the “newer” consoles wouldn’t have the “protection” that they do that prevents this, or that their respective creators would allow you to stream over them, but you still have to walk in circles to be able to stream games from them, and that really sucks if you want to make any sort of job out of this or even if you want to stream them on sites like Twitch and YouTube to have a little bit of fun.

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